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Corporate Events

We pay attention to details. We pay attention to you.
Chicago Network Event Planning


Objective: Create an experience to help introverted attendees overcome shyness.

Solution: We created an amazing and unforgettable evening, focusing on sights, sounds, smells, flavors and samba of the 1960s in Brazil. The evening included authentic drummers and Carnaval dancers, a signature graffiti mural done throughout the evening as well as authentic cocktails and cuisine.   Group samba lessons allowed for interaction which continued into sultry dancing. Mission accomplished!


Objective: Upscaling a whimsically themed awards dinner.

Solution: We evoked the glamour of old Hollywood, using black and gold with classic red roses on the tables in the elegant dining room. The stage was dressed up with classic columns and flanked by LED screens displaying various Chicago landmarks.

Photo Credit: Michael R. Monar
Photo Credit: Michael R. Monar
Product Launches


Objective: Create a series of vignettes that highlight the versatility of rum.

Solution: Before relations with Cuba thawed, we recreated the mystique of pre-Castro Havana, set in a 1950s luxury night club to promote our client’s rums. Décor included vintage furnishings and cars, lush palm trees and latin music, elegant gowns, tuxedos and beautiful showgirls. Each room featured its own unique look and cocktail, some classic and new, showing the versatility of rum.