Group Tours

Group Tours

What’s the best way to experience Chicago? An Accenting Chicago tour.

Accenting Chicago can arrange multi-day excursions, incentive programs and conferences with Meet & Greets, hotel arrangements, transportation, meals, tours, admissions and more.

Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll contact you right away to start the planning.

Custom Tours Based on Your Interests

Would you like to create your own tour?

Talk to us! We will be delighted to create a custom tour tailored to your interests.

As a member of your planning team, Accenting Chicago will create unique, customized tours for your group. Whether you are looking for a sample of Chicago’s famous features or some of its lesser known treasures, we will design a tour especially for you!

testWe customize exceptional:

  • Bilingual (many languages available)
  • Spousal
  • Corporate
  • Incentive
  • Leisure travel
  • Senior travel club
  • Student

You name it … we can plan it!

Accenting Chicago Events and Tours, Inc., is one of the few receptive tour operators located in downtown Chicago, so we are on hand to take care of any last minute need or desire.  We also offer enjoyable tour itineraries outside the Chicagoland area, including to nearby Springfield, Indianapolis, Milwaukee and St. Louis.

Step-On Guides and Day Trips

Our certified and experienced step-on guides are ready to show you Chicago’s highlights, emphasizing architecture, history, art, music, or anything else your group is interested in.

Most groups enjoy our signature Accenting Chicago City Highlights Tour.

We also offer many day trips already “mapped out” so you can just pick an itinerary and enjoy the ride.