Accenting Chicago | Case Study 011
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The Jazz Age Lives

Girl dreaming beautiful young flapper woman from roaring 20s looking at camera

For a roaring 20’s event, a vintage car was placed at arrival and used as a focal point for a step and repeat. Guests proceeded along the hallway with moving footlights, evoking the excitement of a movie premier. From the reception area, one could hear the sound of a jazz combo welcoming them. White-tailed waiters tempted them with trays of champagne in traditional coupe glasses. Others circulated with silver trays of elegant hors d’oeuvres such as caviar on toast points and petit beef wellingtons. Later, the guests were escorted to a stylish deco-inspired dining room for a formal dinner. The magic of the evening was completed with a presentation by an authentic French chanteuse. She was clothed in a black beaded flapper dress and truly carried the guests back in time to an era of shattering mores, bootleg liquor, and sheer giddiness. The final surprises of the evening were souvenir bottles of cold milk and assorted French macarons to savor as they departed.