Accenting Chicago | Case Study 004
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Reinventing the Wheel

Red Wheel horse drawn fire engine

A long-term client required dine around reservations and detailed tracking of attendees.


The established system was reliable but didn’t embrace advancements in technology. The antiquated system required users to fill out paper forms and email or fax them in for execution. That process, though arduous, always worked. Because of technological advances, stakeholders now expect to have user-friendly websites and quick, seamless collecting of information. Systems must be seamless, intuitive and capture all the required information quickly and easily. Many solutions are available, a careful analysis was required to prioritize the objectives and develop a solution delivering them.


Some solutions charge per user fees, which result in high recurring costs. Other solutions require gathered information to be separate attachments, which would not integrate fluidly. Our solution, an independent mobile website, eliminated per user costs. It would integrate the information and could be used for several years, which made it the most cost effective solution. Homerun!